Saturday, June 25, 2016

I Get The Impression More And More That Brexit Won't Happen

And after you've cried a lot, look around a bit and tell me just exactly how Brexit is actually going to happen.

Cameron could officially start the exit, but he won't. Parliament could vote to start the process, but they won't. Another Prime Minister will replace Cameron in a few months. Will the next PM be anti-Brexit? Gee, d'ya think?

Millions of people have already signed the petition calling for a do-over on the referendum. Brits who voted Leave are regretting it remarkably quickly, to say the least, and even the leaders of the Leave vote seem distinctly queasy. The only people I've seen who are impatient for this to actually happen are -- EU leaders from other countries.

What's their problem?

Clearly, the charts and memes telling us that 20-year-old British voters who will suffer the effects of Brexit for 70 years because of the votes of people over 70 are a bit overly melodramatic -- it's not going to take 70 years for the UK to rejoin the EU if they actually do leave it.


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