Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mystery Blog Post #1

(In this post I'm only going to give you part of the story. In this case, for "Mystery Blog Post #1," the part I'm giving you is a list of 25 kinds of people. That's all, just the list. I might do a "Mystery Blog Post #2" some time with a different sort of mystery, and a "Mystery Blog Post #3," and so forth, or I might not. Some of you might find this interesting, or you might not. I might tell if you guess the rest of the story, or tell you if your guess is warm or cold; I probably won't. Some of your incorrect guesses might be much more interesting than what I had in mind... yeah, some of them probably will be.)

1) Architects
2) Painters
3) Sculptors
4) Watch manufacturers
5) Basketball players
6) Auto manufacturers
7) Novelists
8) Hedge fund managers
9) Racing drivers
10) Fashion designers
11) Shipbuilders
12) Restaurateurs
13) Magazine publishers
14) Construction contractors
15) Lawyers
16) IT CEO's
17) Physicians
18) Actors
19) Footballers (soccer players)
20) Shoe manufacturers
21) Airline executives
22) Ranchers
23) Musicians
24) Vintners
25) Casino owners

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