Sunday, July 30, 2017

Trump Unfit to Serve? Duh!

Today on CNN's show "Reliable Sources," Presidential Historian Douglas Brinkley

(exactly how much do you need to write about Presidents in order to become a Presidential Historian, in caps? Or are there actually other criteria besides volume of writing? Brinkley is a professor at Rice. Maybe you usually need to be a professor in order to get the all caps. With an exception made for Robert A Caro. Btw I'm re-reading Caro's 4 volumes about LBJ, and they're annoying me less and impressing me more.) said that Donald Trump is "unfit to command, in my opinion." See for yourself.

Well, duh, Douglas. Anybody who isn't to the Right of Barry Goldwater or in deep denial or dumber than a bag of hair, or some combination of those, either has known since long before Trump was elected that he's unfit. Barack Obama said months before the November election, in so many words, that Trump was unfit to serve as President. Hillary said it. Bernie said it.

The number of prominent Republicans who said so was -- greater than the number who have said so after he was elected. So you just have to guess how to divide those who changed their minds into those who went into denial after the election, and those who figured that having a mentally-ill Republican President wouldn't necessarily have to be all bad.

We're waiting for you, Republicans. The whole world is watching, and STILL waiting, for you to do what you and the whole world know is the right thing to do, and remove this psychopath from the most powerful political office on our one and only Earth. I hope you pay at the ballets for having waited this long, Republicans. I hope Trump is the last Republican who will ever be elected President of the United States, and that your party will soon follow the Federalists, the Know Nothings and the Free Soil Party into history. You deserve to go out of business for something as serious as this.

Oh well. As obvious as what the capitalized Presidential Historian said on CNN today was -- and I'm far from certain that today was even the first time that Douglas Brinkley said on CNN that Trump was unfit to serve -- maybe it's part of a trend, part of the beginning of the end of the Trump era. Hope springs yada yada.

Imagine how delicious that day will be. The day when it's over.

As far as I know, Douglas Brinkley is not related to the late broadcast journalist David Brinkley. (Ask your parents, kids. All of us old folks remember David.)

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