Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dream Log: Nobel Acceptance Comments In Leftist Solidarity

Last night I dreamed I had been awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize IN Literature (just a couple of days away -- fingers crossed!!!), and that I was speaking on camera and into microphones all over the place, making comments that went over very well, extremely eloquent and stirring statements of solidarity with various Leftist figures of the past. Embarrassingly, I can't remember who any of those Leftist individuals were. Over and over, a picture of a group of Leftists would appear, and I would extemporaneously praise them, and the applause and excitement grew and grew from one interview to the next. I don't know exactly who it was I was praising, and I don't know know exactly where the photos of them came from -- it seemed to be mostly photos -- or how they were shown, whether it was on big video monitors or what.

In every one of those pictures, at least one of the famous, but now in my memory nameless Leftists looked somewhat like me: a little overweight, a little too heavy in the face, but very very wide and strong in the shoulders and arms and back. You needed a tractor pulled out of ditch pronto and had no livestock handy, Comrade, any one of us was your guy.

Just as I can't remember any of the names of the people I was praising -- except that I think Diego Rivera was among them. He fit the physical description. He was a big strong tractor-from-ditch-pulling character like me -- so I can't remember any of the details of what I said about them. But whatever it was I was saying, it was so brilliant and bringing down the house in such a complete way over and over, that I started to consider whether I should break my promise of giving a Nobel Lecture consisting of

"thnk yu verr mutch pleez"

and instead incorporate some of these rousing remarks into a somewhat longer Lecture.

I know that what I was saying in a general way was that all of these guys -- sorry, ladies, for the sexism, but it was guys -- were brave and principled, and that that inspired others around them also to be brave and principled, so that excellent and productive behavior spread like fire wherever they went. I compared them to the dog-eat-dog everyday life on the Right. Well, look at that: it seems I can remember a little bit of what I said.

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