Thursday, March 3, 2016

All This Anti-Hillary Sentiment

The particularly nasty anti-Hillary comments are no surprise. Now, if someone ever actually gave a concrete EXAMPLE of how she's supposedly really a Republican (Go say that to Rush Limbaugh's face. I dare you. I double-dog dare you.), or how she's for sale, or what she did wrong with those emails -- I honestly don't have a clue about what she's even suspected of having done wrong with the emails -- or what Kenneth Starr came up with besides a fucking blowjob in 4 years with the unparalleled powers and resources of an independent counsel, or any sensible reason at all to mistrust Hillary, that would be very surprising, to say the least. That would be something different. I always hear about how people hate Hillary. I never hear a non-batshit-crazy reason WHY they hate her.

The closest to rational that these reasons come is from Republicans who hate her because she's a liberal. I don't find it rational to hate liberals, but at least Hillary is a liberal. Not a centrist, not a yellow-dog Democrat. She's a liberal.

Does most of the hate from the Left, and a lot of it from the Right, really just boil down to the fact that she has tits and a vagina, but still not only has the balls (metaphorically speaking) to run for President, but looks like she's going to succeed? A shocking amount of racism has crawled out from under its rocks and been plain to see since Barack has been President. Maybe all of this nonsense about Hillary is a comparable thing, but about sexism this time instead of racism. And the female Hillary-h8ers will say that it can't be sexism in their cases because they're female. But of course it can, the same way that black people can be racist against blacks. (In the US we call those racist black people Republicans. There aren't very many black Republicans, but their numbers seem much bigger because almost every single one of them is on TV or the radio on a regular basis.)

Maybe it's not all sexism. But it still looks 100% irrational to me.

Bernie not only has the clear majority of the white-male-hipster-doofus voting bloc solidly behind him -- a lot of those white male hipster doofi also seethe with this anti-Hillary hatred, and never come up with a sound reason for it, never come up with a concrete example of her supposed heinous behavior. An example of a policy she ever supported, or a vote she made as Senator -- besides one: voting for W's Iraq war -- or an action she took -- besides one: accepting almost $1 million from Lehmann Brothers for her 2016 campaign. I like Hillary's answer when asked why she took that much money from Lehamnn: "That was how much they offered." One of Bernie's campaign commercials has him saying, "You can't reform a corrupt system by taking money from it." That's absurd. Of course you can. And Hillary's way, Lehmann's has $1 million less left to do evil with.

Now if you can show that Lehmann actually bought anything with that donation, that would be serious.

Be my guest.

Okay. Meanwhile, back here on Earth, Hillary's going to get the nomination, and Bernie's going to tell his supporters why they should vote for her. We know that some of them won't listen, but hopefully most will -- without coming to the conclusion that Bernie has sold out to Hillary's dark world of... whatever evil the particular h8er in question has hallucinated.

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