Thursday, March 3, 2016

How Many Republicans Will Vote For Hillary To Stop Trump?

In 1932, the Social Democrats in Germany voted along with conservative and centrist parties to re-elect Hindenburg as President of Germany. They despised Hindenburg, but they voted for him to stop Hitler. The Communists, a very large party in Germany at the time, didn't vote for Hindenburg, but he still was re-elected. At that time in Germany, the office of President was very powerful; among other things, the Presidents appointed the Chancellors. Unfortunately, in January 1933 Hindenburg appointed Hitler (whom he despised) Chancellor. A year and a half later Hindenburg was dead, many Social Democrats and Communists were in concentration camps or had fled abroad to avoid imprisonment, and Hitler had done away with the offices of President and Chancellor and most of the rest of the rule of law in Germany.

Say what you like about Republicans, many of them know their history of the Third Reich. They know that Hitler could have been stopped early on, before WWII started. And they know that the earlier an concerted attempt had been made to stop Hitler, the easier it would have been to do.

And unlike Germany in 1933, there is no nationwide office comparable to Chancellor to which people are appointed. You have to be elected President.

And it seems that quite a few Republicans will not vote for Trump. Here's a list of 9 of them from Fortune magazine. If I'm not mistaken, at least 1 of those 9, Christie Todd-Whitman, has publicly said that she'll vote for Hillary if it's Hillary vs Trump in November.

How many Republicans have said privately that they'd vote for Hillary? Articles like this one give me the impression that it's quite a few.

Well, guys, hold your noses and come on out. This is important.

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