Saturday, January 28, 2017

Republican Senators, Republican Congresspeople --

-- we're all waiting on you. The entire non-insane world is watching, listening, waiting for you to speak up against Trump. If just a few of you suddenly grow some backbones and/or moral scruples, we can impeach Trump and convict him of any of a wide variety of crimes -- or invoke the 25th Amendment and say right out loud in public that he's insane. That'll work just as well -- and get on with a non-insane Pence presidency. We Democrats won't like the Pence presidency at all, but most of us are non-insane enough to recognize that Pence is non-insane and non-totalitarian and has respect for the rule of law. Very few Democrats won't be able to see that Pence is a huge, huge improvement over Trump.

Robert Reich says he talked to an unnamed former Republican Congressperson who told him that the plan is for you to get what you want out of Trump, and then get rid of him. Is that right? And are you actually expecting to emerge from that smelling like roses? Do you actually expect people to forget that many of you assumed that Trump wouldn't be elected, and publicly denounced Trump's craziness right up until he was elected, surprising you as much as it surprised anyone? Do you actually expect people not to notice how suddenly your attitudes toward Trump once he was President-elect, and how suddenly they're going to change again once you've decided that the time has come to remove him from office?

Let me just point out the extremely-obvious to you: with every day of the Trump presidency, the more you stand by him and grin and applaud as if this were all perfectly sensible, as if Trump didn't constantly and obviously lie, and constantly contradict himself, and didn't show utter contempt for our country's laws -- the longer you wait until you stand up in opposition to him, the more of Trump's stink will attach to you. The longer you act as if you see nothing wrong with Trump's actions, the harder it will be to wash that stink off, the harder it will be ever again to convince anyone that you stand for anything. Not to mention that with each passing day it will be harder to remove him. Harder and more costly, above all, for you Republican office-holders.

I'm just trying to help, by reaching across the aisle and talking sense to you. Hey, if you don't want to listen, if you wait too long, if you ride the tiger for too long, we Democrats will ride this out, and, assuming Trump hasn't killed the entire human race with nukes, we'll be perfectly happy to see Democrats vs Greens, with an irrelevant Republican Party, replace Democrats vs Republicans, with an irrelevant Green Party.

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