Thursday, January 5, 2017

Some Vegans Won't Understand This

Someone posted a video on Facebook of animals, cats, dogs, pigs, rabbits, other animals, all eating together out of one big pan. It looked very sweet and peaceful. The person who posted the video commented that humans have less capacity for peace than any other species. I reacted:

"Ich nehme an, dass es Menschen sind, welche diese Tiere fuettern und pflegen, und dass mangels dieses Fuetterns einige von diesen Tieren einige der anderen essen wuerden. Mann muss Menschen nicht hassen, um andere Tierarten lieben zu koennen." ("I assume that it's humans who feed and care for these animals, and that in the lack of this food, some of these animals would eat some of the others. You don't have to hate humans in order to love other species.")

Then I noticed that the person who'd posted the video announced that she was a vegan. (A German vegan.) So I figured, Eh, why try to point out the obvious flaw in her logic to a person who very likely doesn't want to hear it?

And that's why I'm sharing this with you instead.

But while we're all here, please do think about it: almost all (not all but almost all) of these sweet videos of animals of different species being friends are made possible by humans who feed and care for all of the animals involved. I love these videos, they're really great, but so far, they haven't stopped wild animals from eating each other. Human intervention has stopped it in individual cases. That is a plain and obvious fact.

So, vegans: we don't hate you because you're vegans, we hate you because you're incredibly stupid, and if you're not incredibly stupid, we don't hate you.

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