Friday, November 6, 2015

Another Atheist Facebook Group I've Quit

Actually, it's a group for atheists and theists. There are relatively few groups which are actually for atheists only. Instead of "an atheist group," I should call something like this "a group where atheists and theists can get together, insult and verbally abuse each other, hurl simplistic slogans and strawmen, and not listen to each other."

So what am I saying? That such groups are not filled with the creme de la creme of atheist and theist intellect, and do not provide discourse of a high order?

Yes. I'm saying it. These groups are gathering places for idiots. There are a few intelligent people among the retards, to be sure, but the dumb ones are driving the smart ones away. (Case in point: me, right now.)

So this group I'm in. Lately atheists there having been making posts with pictures of starving or horribly disfigured children and asking, "Yeah! Where's yr perfect God now, hah?" Then just now I saw one with a disfigured baby, asking why religious people didn't donate to charity instead of just saying words like Amen.

That's right: this turnip was asking Why aren't there any religious charities?

Imagine the kind of bubble you need to live in not to know about the many religious charities in operation all around us. If you've spent time in some of these Facebook groups, you don't need to imagine anything, you've been there and you've heard it with your own eyes.

So I blocked the idiot who posted that, and I posted the remark that, C'mon now fr cryin out loud, ya don't have to believe in God in order to notice that there are religious charities!

And right away someone commented that it was the least the religious could do after all the harm they'd done over the course of thousands of years. And I didn't feel like trying for the thousandth time to explain why comments like that are asinine. And since he was an admin and I couldn't block him, I just quit the group and came here to complain instead.

This is what Michael Ruse is talking about when he says that the New Atheists are a bloody disaster.

Well. Keep calm and carry on. The search for intelligent life on Earth continues.

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