Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm Having An Extremely Difficult Time Finding Information About Classical Scholarship In Peru

Yes, I'm sure that this would be much easier if my Spanish were better, thanks for asking.

Why Peru? Because the University of San Marcos in Lima has been in continuous operation since 1551. (Sorry, Harvard.)

No results found for "classical scholarship in peru".

No results found for "erudición clásica en Perú".

Ah, but soon after that, we find that "erudición clásica" in Spanish does not mean the same thing as "Classical education" in English: the study of ancient Greek and Latin literature.

Okay, I guess next we'll try filología.

"filología en peru" yields 2 hits.

Hm, it would seem that filología, in Spanish, like philology in English, does not always mean the study of ancient Greek and Latin.

The search filología peru, without quotation marks, makes me think that filología might indicate the study of Classics in Spanish even less often than does philology in English.

"classical scholarship in spain" yields many links containing references to a book with exactly that title by a certain D Rubio.

Aaaaaand, hard work made me quit -- for today! I shall return, Peru!

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