Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Great Big Fat Guy, Day 12

So, have I lost any weight yet in these 12 days? That's a good question. The place where I live tilts. This means that if you put a lacrosse ball on the floor or an orange on a counter, it will roll east. It also means that scales are useless.

I did another one of the 3-miles walks just now. I feel good. I feel fat, but I feel good.

To that person who, 30 years ago, said, as I was entering the room: "He sort of LOOKS like a bowling pin," and then there was an awkward silence as people wondered whether I'd heard, and put it together with my name -- different Bollingers from different parts of the world pronounce the name in quite a variety of different ways. My family employs the German-Swiss pronunciation, with the first 2 syllables sounding like "bowling," the g swalled, the e an unaccented schwa and the r pronounced -- if you're reading along, yes I did hear you, yes I did put it together, and I've completely forgotten everything about you except that one thing you said, and that I never thought you were as funny as you did.

As far as I know, I am related to no Bollingers involved in the invention of Bollinger Bands or the creation of the swanky champagne.

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