Sunday, January 24, 2016


What if Jesus actually said the exact opposite of some things people say he said? What if he said, "If someone hits you, don't just turn the other cheek!" or "If someone steals you cloak, don't just hand them your cloak too!" or "The meek never inherit anything. Stand up for yourself!" ?

Those statements make much more sense than what everybody says Jesus said.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not customizing my own version of Jesus, the way that almost all Christians have because it's impossible to live like Jesus in the New Testament, turning the other cheek and giving stuff to people who've robbed you and going with meekness as a strategy toward building wealth. I'm an atheist, not a Christian. I'm just saying that some aspects of Christianity are especially divorced from reality even compared to other religions, and that this basic, built-in unreality is a very serious problem. After thousands of years of pretending to follow a code of living which no-one follows and which no-one should follow...

Well, it's a problem. A mental problem. For which I have no brilliant solution right now, sorry. I really wish I had some brilliant suggestion about what to DO about this. But I don't. I just imagine that it might be good if some of us would occasionally face the unreality of supposedly living under this code which no one follows because no one can or should follow it because it's a dream world, as unreal as can be.

Just ponder this now and then, if you're so inclined. Thank you.

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