Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Old Man And The New Phone

Okay. I bought an LG Stylo -- I think that's what it's called -- *googling* -- yep, I bought an LG Stylo at Radio shack today and got a $30/month Auto-Boost® unlimited-data plan from Boost mobile while I was there. Just now when I googled lg stylo I saw that it comes with a stylus. I found the stylus. After I got home from Radio Shack I had to call Radio shack again to ask the guy to tell me again where the power button was. Then I looked for an owner's manual, didn't find one and thought, Oh well, I guess I can figure this out without a manual.

Then I found the manual. The first thing that caught my eye was the advice to charge the phone. After a while I found where the battery-charge info is (not sure I'll be able to find it again first thing next try. This is a learning experience), saw that the battery was around 30%, looked around for the charger, and thought that they didn't give me a charger. Oh well, I thought, I can use the charger from my Motorola Droid, right? That's what the U in USB means. So I plugged it into the Droid's charger. No prob, I thought, I can charge them both with one charger. I plugged the Stylus into the Droid's charger.

A little while after that I found the charger that came with the LG.

I'm autistic, and for an autistic person, generally speaking, Change Is Wrong. It's difficult. The LG is much larger than the Droid, which makes me uncomfortable. I don't know if it will tell me with a blinking light that someone has called or texted or emailed me. This makes me uncomfortable. I really like that blinking green light on the Droid, a lot. It has been life-changing.

So you see, I see, change is not always bad.

This phone is about change. (And about another phone line which is going to be disconnected.) The unlimited-data plan is about change. I don't know what to do with unlimited data, but I want to find out. If you know some of the things which are done with unlimited data, please tell me. Don't assume that any information would be too elementary. Pretend that I just arrived from another planet yesterday. When it comes to mobile devices, that's not such a big assumption about me.

I wonder what that stylus does except make me think of the only time I've seen a mobile phone with a stylus, which was in an episode of "The Big Bang Theory," in a flashback, and the stylus, apparently, was so out-of-date that the audience found it hilarious. What was old is new again. Although C-Net sez that the Stylo's stylus is... just a sec... "more of an afterthought." They also refer to the Stylo as a phablet, I word I had never encountered before owning a phablet and bringing home from Radio Shack and googling its name.

Old man in outer space, that's me.

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