Monday, January 11, 2016

'The Force Awakens' Is Now 3rd All-time In World-Wide Box-Office

Okay, this is my 8th report on the worldwide box-office earnings of Star Force: The Force Awakens, and I think I'm starting to get a better idea of what I'm talking about, and why my earlier reports were somewhat muddled. This is how it looks to me now, kiddies:

When it comes to North American box-office, US plus Canada, I can given a fairly exact report of how much the movie has taken in as of a day or two ago.

When it comes to box office in other countries, the situation varies by country. This is what was throwing me off in my earlier reports. The Force Awakens is showing in more than 60 countries. Some of them are reporting the box-office total on roughly the same schedule as North America, which is reporting $812,011,043 as of January 10, yesterday. Some are providing the total as of January 7, some January 3, some as of December 27.

So it occurred to me that the best I can do is sort of like what an election-night reporter does when he or she says that so-and-so-many votes have been counted so far from so-and-so-many precincts.

So far, a total of $1.7334 billion in worldwide box office has been reported for The Force Awakens, with the counting still underway.

That must be why the all-time world-wide box office chart at Box Office Mojo highlights current and recent releases in yellow: they want to make sure all the votes are counted before they give an official total.

How many more countries will The Force Awakens play in, countries where it hasn't opened yet? Gee, I wish I knew. It seems like it opened within a day or two of the North American opening in most countries, but it only opened last Saturday in China. There is a report of $53 million for the first two days of box office for The Force Awakens in China.

The current, incomplete total of $1.7334 billion leaves The Force Awakens $453.4 million behind all-time #2 Titanic and $1.0546 billion behind all-time #1 Avatar. Will it catch them? I'm not even going to go there, Girlfriend!

And no, I still haven't seen The Force Awakens. I haven't seen Titanic or Avatar either. I think James Cameron sucks. Out of the current all-time worldwide top ten, I've seen #5, Marvel's The Avengers and #10, Iron Man 3. I plan to see #7 Avengers: Age of Ultron when it comes to cable. And that's probably when I'll see The Force Awakens, too: when it comes to cable. Unless someones drags me to a theatre while it's still running in theatres. That could happen. They wouldn't have to pull all that hard. I've liked JJ Abrams ever since 2001 and the 1st episode of "Alias." (You want me to watch a network TV show? Do what "Alias" and "24" did: air a commercial-free feature-movie-length episode.)

While I'm going down the all-time world-wide box office chart, let me look at #11 through 20: I've seen two of them: #16, The Dark Knight Awakens, and #20, Jurassic Park. I like The Dark Knight Awakens okay, but Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight was an impossible act to follow. I like about 3 minutes of Jurassic Park. Spielberg gets a good shot every now and then, a few seconds' worth of striking moviemaking at a stretch. But sitting through an entire Spielberg movie is usually a high price to pay for those occasional pleasing moments. Minority Report is the only entire Spielberg movie I like. (I'm sure he's sleepless and tearful because of my lack of approval. I can hear him now: "Sure, I have billions of dollars and many awards and I've been married to one of the most beautiful and talented women on Earth for 30 years -- but how much of is any of that really worth when Steven Bollinger says that I suck?!")

Well cheer up, Steve: you're not nearly as untalented as James Cameron, and you can tell everybody I said so!

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