Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Correction: My Prediction About The Weekend Box-Office Of 'Force Awakens' Was Correct! [PS: ACTUALLY, NEVERMIND, BECAUSE... WELL, READ THE PS]

On Sunday I blogged that Star Force: The Force Awakens would finish the weekend in 6th place in all-time world-wide box-office . I said this based on Box Office Mojo's projection on Sunday afternoon. But the total projected by Box Office Mojo, $1.5108 billion, was low by $17.5 million. The movie's corrected worldwide box-office through Sunday is $1.5283 billion. So after Sunday it was in 4th place all-time, not 6th.

Which means that the prediction I made last Friday, that it would be in 4th or 3rd place by the end of the weekend, was actually correct.

I made a correct box-office prediction. This is strange and confusing to me.

PS, 6:32 PM: Hold everything. I actually don't know whether this or my other predictions have been accurate or not because the foreign totals come in 1 country at a time and are added as they come in. Some countries' results come in faster than the North American totals, some come in a day later, some a week later. So I must say 'nevermind' to ALL of my predictions on this blog concerning the worldwide box office of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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