Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Brother Trump

In 1938 Thomas Mann published an essay entitled "Brother Hitler," in which he argued that Hitler's success was not based on anything extraordinary about him, but, exactly on the contrary, because there was nothing, absolutely nothing extraordinary about him. The mediocre masses who felt secretly or subconsciously intimidated by and resentful of politicians who were especially intellgent and well qualified to lead, these mediocrities in the masses could relate to Hitler, who had been homeless for several years, this mediocre painter who had tried and failed to gain admittance to the Vienna Academy of Art before settling for painting and selling postcards, this mediocre soldier who eagerly volunteered at the outbreak of World War I and in 4 short years shot up all the way from private to -- corporal.

When Hitler started to become successful he blamed his earlier failures on Socialists and Jews, and this encouraged his mediocre admirers to follow suit and blame their own failures on others, not themselves, as they may have done before the gang of hisdeous losers known as the Nazi Party began its grotesque and completely unnatural success.

The parallels to the success of that pathetic orange freak in a bad toupee, Donald Trump, are obvious and have been pointed out by many. Those who like him, like him not because he's extraordinary, but because he's so completely ordinary and stupid and crude, just like they are.

And now, after losing the Iowa caucus, Trump, true to form, is being a bad loser. He claims the only reason Cruz won is because the Republicans cheated.

I can only fervently hope that this is the beginning of Trump's 3rd-party run, that he's going to say that "the Republicans cheated and left him no choice." Stabbed him in the back. A 3rd-party run by Trump, as far as I can see, will just about guarantee big Democratic wins in November -- unless Bernie goes 4th-party.

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