Thursday, February 18, 2016

"Trump Slams The Pope: 'He's Disgraceful!'"

Yeah, I think the Donald has peaked, and that people will look back to him slamming the Pope as being around the time it started to fall apart for him, the time when it became clearer that he actually couldn't get away with everything. I can only hope that he goes 3rd-party (claiming that he doesn't need to stick to his promise that he wouldn't do so because "the GOP cheated. The GOP went back on their word to me. It's disgraceful. The GOP is a bunch of clowns. They're real losers," yada yada yada...), taking the votes of millions of yahoos away from either Cruz or Rubio or Bush or Kasich and handing the Democrats a real landslide.

That'd be yuge.

People turn to leaders promising radical change in times of crisis. Late 1932 was a time of great crisis in Germany and the US. The US was lucky: the big political fish on the scene promising sweeping change was FDR. In Germany it was You-Know-Who.

Now, you may be asking: What great crisis? And that's just it: to most of us in the US, things seem to be going fairly well. But imagine how you'd feel if you were convinced that unemployment was several times higher than the official government figures, that millions of rapists and murderers were swarming completely unhindered over the borders into our country, and that the President was secretly working for ISIL. That might well feel to you like a time of crisis.

An imaginary time of crisis has been enough to keep Trump in front for the race for the GOP nomination because for years the GOP leadership has been following the right-wing fringe instead of trying to -- you know: lead. Trump is the monster they made. He may very well rip the GOP to shreds. I don't think he has a freaky orange snowball's chance in Hell of being elected President.

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