Monday, February 22, 2016

"Since [group I dislike] [do this, which makes me dislike them], I guess I should reciprocate."

1) Not all of that group do that thing.

----- 1a) In fact, most of that group dislike it when that aggravating minority does that thing, making them all look bad in some people's eye. (Such as yours.)

----------1aI) You said that in a FB group specifically designed to overcome animosity between us and that group.

--------------- 1aIA) There are plenty of other FB groups, lots and lots of them, tons of them, where you can rag all day on that group and get high-fived and get plenty of likes, because verbal aggression against that group is what all those other FB groups are for, it's what they're about.

2) If it's bad when they do it and makes people dislike them, what's going to make it great and make you popular when you do it (outside of the groups, mentioned in 1aIA), specifically set up for that kind of thing)?

----- 2a) All they're doing is talking. (Ya big pussy.)

---------- 2aI) Do you find it necessary to respond to every stupid thing anybody ever says about you, or just with these guys?

----- 2b) You and people like you keep claiming we're better than they are. Is this how you prove it -- by stooping to the worst behavior of the worst of them?

---------- 2bI) Are you actually envious because you feel like they can get away with some bad behavior you can't get away with? (Wow, you really have some ambitious dreams for your life, don't you?)

3) I hate you, you idiot!

----- 3a) I don't expect you ever to understand why I hate you (being an idiot, and all). But if you're actually curious, there are dozens of other posts on this blog besides this post labelled "stupid atheists."

----- 3b) I like lots of people in the other group a lot more than I'll ever like you. There a lot of other criteria which a re much more important to me than which one of these two groups someone belongs to.

---------- 3bI) Which one of the two groups someone was in seemed a lot more important before I actually met a lot of the people in our group. Frankly, most of you have been a horrible disappointment.

--------------- 3bIA) But I'm sure that a lot of people in our group simply never mention that they're in our group, because they're embarrassed by you and those like you.

4) I hope you have a nice day. (See? See what I did there, Chuckles? It didn't kill me. It didn't cost me a thing but a moment and a kind thought, you moron!)

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