Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dream Log: Catastrophe

I suppose it's not unusual for people to dream of a catastrophe the first night after their mother dies.

I dreamed I lived in a big house with a lot of other people, mainly relatives, and I had a room of my own, filled with books. It started to rain, and the ceiling of my room started to leak. And water tends to damage books.

And then very suddenly the leak in the ceiling turned into a big hole and rainwater poured through. Through the hole in the ceiling you could see a hole in the roof big enough to drive a truck through it.

People constantly came and went, into my room and back out, many of them dressed in black. Everyone exclaimed about the damage to the ceiling and the roof, and nobody seemed to have the slightest idea about what could be done to repair the damage. Books began to swell up and take on the fungus-like appearance they sometime have after they've gotten wet. There was a big puddle of water on the floor. People splashed through the puddle as they came and went, and the soaked floorboards creaked more and more loudly.

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