Sunday, December 27, 2015

Last Thursday, I Predicted 'Force Awakens' Would Reach All-Time Top 10 BO This Weekend

It looks like I was wrong. Box Office Mojo is predicting that 'The Force Awakens" will finish the weekend with $1.0906 billion worldwide, leaving it in 15th place, more than $66 million behind the current #10, Minions.

Now, note well, that figure of $1.0906 billion is a prediction, an estimate. It's just a few minutes past 3PM Eastern Standard Time Sunday, a few minutes past noon in Hollywood. The weekend isn't actually over yet. Box Office Mojo's estimate might be low.

$66 million low? Probably not. (PS, 28. December 2014: It was $4,5 million high.)

I got carried away by the thrill of the huge numbers. I lost my head. My only consolation is that it's quite possible that no-one anywhere on Earth actually gives a tiny crap how inaccurate my prediction from last Thursday was.

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