Thursday, December 31, 2015

If You're Debating Something With Someone,

and you and the other person completely disagree, neither budging an inch from either of two completely contradictory positions, and suddenly the other person says, "Okay then, goodbye," how do you react?

A) I won the debate! The other person simply didn't have the good manners to admit defeat. (Typical!)

B) That was not a win on my part, it was a failure! Someone doesn't want to talk to me anymore. I've driven them away. In what Bizarro-World is that a win?

C) Could be A), could be B), could be the other person actually has something else to do.

D) Leave me alone!

E) I am intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your blog.

F) Smell my finger.

G) kittiez arr verr nice

H) None of this means anything. Existence has no meaning, it makes no sense, it has no point.

I) That person from H) just needs to get laid.


K) No rational answer is possible at this point, much more data is needed.

L) Jesus is Lord.

M) Jesus never existed.

N) L) and M) are both nuts, I wish they'd leave the rest of us alone.

O) Aio, quantitas magna frumentorum est.

P) Everything always depends upon your point of view. Heisenberg's principle applies to a lot more than tiny particles.

Q) munkeez arr allso awesumz


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! Seriously, those would be my first 5 choices. Earlier today I let some person have the last word in a debate, and his last word was pretty much A, and instead of yielding to the temptation of responding directly, I wrote this post.

    2. Good post, I liked it; and probably good idea in not responding directly --hard to hold a discussion with empty pixels. Curiosity- what does O mean?

    3. "Aio, quantitas magna frumentorum est" is Latin for "Yes, that is a very great amount of corn." It's a phrase which for some reason or other seems to show up often as a nonsensical non-sequitor. Which is how I used it here.